Our Lowlines

We have been building up our Lowline herd for 10 years.  Over this time we have constantly improved our stock by using imported Australian semen for AI, followed by embryo transfer, and by leasing and purchasing bulls with improved genetics. This is Fennessy, bred by Sally Yearbury of Ploughbright Stud, Cambridge, when he was a yearling champion.

Our cattle are purely grass fed with no hormones, antibiotics or growth enhancing drugs used.  They receive some hay and silage in the winter months.  They live in an ideal environment with no exposure to extreme heat or cold and roam freely in gently rolling paddocks.  No dogs are used on the property.  The cattle are trained at a young age to come when called (using small quantities of multi feed nuts) and all receive regular human contact.  The weaner heifers all receive basic halter training.

Our purebred Lowlines receive 2 doses of 5:1 as calves to immunize against clostridial diseases, with annual booster doses.  They receive drenches for internal parasites at weaning and 11 months of age.

We make certain all of our stock are in good health at the time of sale and are happy to give advice re their ongoing care and breeding regime.  We are happy to deliver Lowlines in the Rodney area.