Dairy Farmers

There is an increasing demand from dairy farmers for 2 yr old Lowline bulls.  Dairy farmers who have purchased our bulls reported higher heifer conception rates using Lowline bulls and there is no problem with calving.  The calves are vigorous, fast growing, and sell well at the saleyards.   Lowline genetics are based on high 200 day growth, moderate 400 day growth and low 600 day growth.

Dairy heifers are in milk sooner due to the shorter gestation period of their Lowline cross calves and are in   better overall condition when they reach the dairy shed due to the decreased physical stress from a Lowline pregnancy and birth.  With milk prices at their current level, an extra 7-10 days milk production results in a significant income benefit to the farmer.

We often hear that Lowlines are ‘too small’ to service Friesian heifers and are only good for Jersey heifers.  This is not the case at all, with Lowlines being equally suitable for Friesians.  Tall cows can be amazingly cooperative!

Lowline bulls provide:

  • Low birthweights (23-28kg with Friesian heifers, less with Jersey)
  • Less risk of calving complications
  • Shorter gestation period (by 7-10 days)
  • Heifer can enter the dairy quickly
  • Quality beefy calves
  • Can be kept for at least six years, grow to only 550-700 kg
  • Easy on fences, low feed requirement