About Us

Rancho Radiata was established in 1995 and was originally a Pinus Radiata plantation forest, hence the name. It rapidly evolved into trees + sheep and then into trees + sheep +cattle as it became obvious that the forest needed to be grazed to reduce the fire hazard.

We became fond of the cattle which grazed the forest and decided to become breeders. We chose Lowlines (official name Australian Lowline Cattle, sometimes called Lowline Angus or Angus Lowline) because they were small and easy to handle and because we could see that they would allow us to grow more beef per hectare in an area where our clay soils result in pugging in the winter.

We initially had a number of full sized cows as well, so naturally started cross breeding them with our stud Lowline bulls. We soon saw the advantages of crossbred Lowlines for dairy farmers, beef farmers and the increasing number of local lifestylers. When the pine forest’s canopy closed we needed more pasture, so purchased 80 acres of gently rolling land 2km from the original Rancho and this is also now Rancho Radiata. It has an interesting mix of conserved Kahikatea and Raupo wetlands, native forest and exotic planting of maples, weeping willows, liquid ambers and fodder willow. We have planted a token pine tree by the gate.

If you contact us we are always happy to show visitors our stock. We are still adjusting the sizes of our purebred registered Lowline herd, crossbred herd and sheep flock to find the right numbers for the property, so that enough baylage and hay can be produced for year-round self-sufficiency. The Lowline bulls remain on the original forest portion of the Rancho, visiting only during mating season in January and February.

The area surrounding our farm has been increasingly divided into lifestyle blocks and we are happy to provide stock and advice for our neighbours.