Our Sheep

At Rancho Radiata we have been breeding Suffolks since 1995.  We have continually selected the best ewes to achieve maximum growth for meat production.  Our sheep are also selected for temperament and appearance (ie, friendliness and beauty).  We farm without dogs so all sheep come when called.

The Suffolk breed, with their distinctive black face and legs, are popular with lifestylers as paddock ornaments.  They have the advantage of being meat sheep, rather than wool producers, so only need to be shorn once a year.

Sheep are more time consuming to farm than cattle, but are great at keeping paddocks neat and tidy and help with parasite control when pasture is grazed by both sheep and cattle.

At Rancho Radiata we keep a flock of 30-35 breeding ewes and one or two rams.  Our lambs are born in early September and we sell most at, or soon after, weaning, in November/December.  The wethers become lamb chops while the ewe lambs are kept as replacements or sold to lifestylers starting their own flock.

The price of lamb in the shops is now so high that a leg of lamb, or a few loin chops, have become luxury items.  Few can resist home grown, home kill, lamb and Suffolk lamb  is as good as it gets!!

Please contact us if you are interested in keeping sheep and we can arrange for you to come and see our flock.